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The project Visual Learners started with a personal experience, after the diagnostic of our young cousin with autism, we gave him a gift: a story with pictograms to help him go to the bathroom alone. The story really worked, José learned how to use the toilet on his own. At this time, we decided to share this story in internet with other families…

A few years ago, we shared one book on a blog, “El calzoncillo de José” which we had created for our cousin with autism. We would never have imagined the huge difference that this small action would make to our lives. Families from all over the world wrote us, telling us that they had used the story and thanking us for having shared it as they had trouble finding material adapted to pictograms to work with their children.

Almost without realizing it, we had crossed that first door that would answer all our social concerns, because being able to contribute to the development of the potential of all these children with wonderful minds is something indescribable for us. After realising the extent of the demand in this field, we decided to put all our time and creativity to help these children, and we designed the project ‘Books for Visual Learners”.

– Miriam Reyes Oliva

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Although “El Calzoncillo de José” was released in June, 2009, it wasn’t until April, 2012 that association Visuals Learners was founded. Gradually, the first partner associations joined in; then, the illustrators coloured the stories; after that, the first recognition arrived with the Nestlé Prize for Solidarity and the closest friends had already become the first volunteers, spreading the project and collaborating with their skills and passions.

At that time, Miriam Reyes Oliva and Amélie Jézabel Mariage, gathered to found the association Visuals Learners and to transform an individual dream into a larger one: the dream of everyone who believes in a world where each child, each adult, each one of us, has access to the tools to reach their full potential.

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