When somebody visits an exhibition they always ask… who is who? Our exhibitions induce a dialogue between the piece of art, between the artists with and without autism and also encourage a dialogue directly with the visitors, who see nothing but talent whilst visiting the exhibits.


The exhibition “Soy Color, Somos Colorismo” was exhibited for the first time in Madrid in June 2013, bringing together the artists Jaime Alonso Martinez and Amelie Mrg in a dialogue through colour that transformed the vision of thousands of visitors.Below you can see the catalogue for their first exhibition.

    Generators of imagination

Our first itinerant exhibition is called “Generators of imagination”. A demonstration where Erik Cornago’s artworks surprise us… his ability to represent the engineering of complex systems such as electrical generators. Recently, Erik exhibited his drawings in the Madrid and Barcelona  CaixaForum. Below you can see some of his wonderful drawings!.    

Talking with Art

For “Talking with Art” more than 15 artists came together to exhibit collectively with collage as a common denominator for all. Very diverse pieces of art each with its own story – you can discover them below:

We believe in art as a very powerful tool, a tool for social transformation! Since we are assured of, its enormous strength for visualization and integration, we want to continue doing these itinerant exhibitions. Do you want to help us?

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