Books with pictograms

Read, Play, Learn

Our books have been designed taking into consideration the characteristics of children with autism. They are visual learners, that´s why we use pictograms for them to understand better every book. Since the visuals are always a great reinforcement, they can also be used with children with other special learning needs or pre-readers. A learning tool that every child love.

                        LEARN COLLECTION                                       ENJOY COLLECTION

We have collaborated with psychologists and experts in the field in order to develop two collections of books, Learn and Enjoy, covering the wide range of case studies  relevant to autism, where every child is unique and different

We feel that the whole world should have the possibility to have access to the adapted material to work towards the development of our little one’s capacities. For this purpose, you can find all our books for free, without any charges, on our website thanks to our donors and sponsors’ support. If you use our books, we invite you to make a donation that will help us continue our work.

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We want you to use our books according to every child’s needs. That´s why we offer them under Creative Commons 4.0. License (BY-NC-SA)   and we encourage you to download, spread and share the book with everyone. Always mentioning the source and author, without commercial purpose and under the same license.

We are a small NON-PROFIT with a big mission, that children with autism have access to the tools to develop their full potential. There are 64 million children with autism in the world. Help us reach all of them!