Learn Routines, Emotions and Self-care

This is Joe, the protagonist of our story who will guide us through these stories with pictograms. The “Learn” collection includes 15 stories with pictograms to help children learn about Self-care, Routines and Emotions. They share a simple structure and a specific design to understand situations better and helping readers to identify objects.

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Learn Routines

Joe Birthday_Visual Learners_Book with Pictograms  Joe in the park_Visual Learners_Book with Pictograms Joe in the barber shop_Visual Learners_Book with Pictograms
                     JOE IN THE PARK                   JOE IN THE BARBERSHOP   

Joe in the Supermarket_Visual Learners_Book with Pictograms   Joe in the street_Visual Learners_Book with Pictograms
 JOE IN THE SUPERMARKET            JOE IN THE STREET                

Learn Emotions

           JOE IS HAPPY                                 JOE IS SAD                               JOE IS AFRAID  

JOE IS ANGRY                              JOE IS SURPRISED

Learn Self-care

             JOE’S BATH                                JOE’S MEAL                              JOE’S CLOTHES  

       JOE’S TEETH                                  JOE’S HANDS

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