From our heart…Thank you! 

Thanks for your interest in supporting this dream

Visual Learners is a small non-profit that has reached incredible succes thanks to hundreds of individuals like you, who contributed to go a step forward into a world where every child with autism has access to the tools to develop their full potential.

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There are many ways to support us… you can donate now in our crowdfunding campaign, join with 1€ in Teaming or become a monthly donor and contribute every month to the development of new projects. Associations and  Companies can also join our dreams… and you, how would you like to contribute? Let us know!

We offer e-books with pictograms and interactive apps for free for children with autism, we organise expositions that change the vision about autism, we show the world that IT’S POSSIBLE, and now, you can make it possible fir us to take another step forward to reaching the 64 millon children with autism all around the world.

How much would you like to donate?

Thanks for making it possible!