The commitment to your values

The collaboration we need

To make a contribution to Visual Learners is a commitment to the promotion of the values from your company up to your clients. It´s a partnership with a common goal: to transform society into a better place. Being an responsible company has big benefits and shows your solidarity, commitment and values.

According to the most recent statistics, 1 out of every 150 children has autism. An increasing number that means all of us are directly or indirectly touched by it. Will you like to join and change the vision about autism with us? Would you like to contribute to a world where every child with autism can develop their full potential? Your company can take a step forward in this direction!

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We develop a personalised collaboration depending on the goals of every company. Email us and we can discuss it. Here, some ideas about the partnerships we´ve established.

Organise crowdfunding campaings, raise funds by selling artisan products, engage your team members or create a common employees fund that will increase the commitment and solidarity of your employees… they´ve done it in:


Donate some of the benefits to give a step towards a more cooperative and a fairer world, adding brand equity… like our friends of:

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You can also sponsor an exhibition or the development of new books, joining your image to ours:

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