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Your collaboration becomes direct action

We want that all economic support that reaches Visual Learners is used directly in our projects and minimise the management and administration expenses. That´s why, to support our activities, we ask you to arrange with your bank to make a monthly donation to our bank account:

TRIODOS BANK: ES 07 1491 0001 28 2036773626. IBAN: TRIOESMMXXX
Our monthly donors normally donate an average of 12€ every month, but you can choose how much to donate.

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As a monthly donor, you can choose which project to support with your donation: develop a new book, expositions, documentary… or if you simply want to support our work, we will choose every month where it’s more urgent and important to invest it, always with the same goal, move towards a world where every children with autism has access to the tools they need to develop their full potential.

When you´ve arranged the donation, contact us at and we will inform you about everything we´ve reached with your support.

Thanks for making it possible!

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